Welcome to the Only Drone Light Show Academy in the USA.

We are proud to announce the opening of the First and Only Drone Light Show Academy in the USA for both Outdoor and Indoor shows! 5 & 7 day intensive, hands-on training programs available. 


Our training location is based at the USA Drone Port in Kentucky, a perfect location for all of our training, giving you miles of Golf airspace to train within. The USA Drone Port was visited and endorsed this year (2019) by both the Governor of Kentucky and the U.S. Secretary of Transportation, Secretary Elaine L. Chao.



We can support training services for:

  • Entertainment Agencies.

  • Event Planning Companies.

  • Production Companies.

  • Theme Parks of any size.

  • TV Production Companies.

  • Convention Service Shows.

  • Magic Shows.

To name just a few.

We supply ALL the equipment, training

and certifications needed to host a very

successful Drone Light Show.

Dronisos flying robots with Jimmy Fallon and Marco Tempest on The Tonight Show.

The Flying Oreo Cookies and the Making of The Flying Oreo Cookie Commercial from Dronisos.

We can offer full Indoor Drone Light Show training

at any location. 

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Britain's Got Talent:


When high technologies meet arts, the result is indistinguishable from magic.  At Dronisos, we have the solution to impress your audience with a unique experience 


We have the ability to support partner events worldwide.

We provide high standards of security which allow us  to design shows where artists and drones are brought together to create a unique magical experience between humans and machines.


We can assist in any type of custom 

indoor show training from start to finish. We can synchronize music to drones to dancers.

Be part of the Only Drone Light Show Academy today.

Contact us today for more information: john@aerialwayz.com