Introducing RemoteID for Swarm Drones:

AerialWayz™ is pleased to announce it has started developing a new proposal for the Drone Show/Swarm industry for the FAA’s RemoteID program. Currently the RemoteID proposal would identify single drones via their registration numbers, but what about the swarm application of 100/200/300 etc.

Our SwarmHub™ will be able to identify a large drone swarm as well as identifying each group in a real-time. But what about safety? Identifying a swarm is one thing but keeping that swarm safe is another problem. AerialWayz has a solution for this problem.

Below is a great example of a drone show/swarm application:

Using the Drone Show Software (DSS) platform, all the show drones can be viewed in real-time.

All show drones have unique registration numbers

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