Introducing: Drone SWARM Command & Control

for SAR (Search & Rescue) using SWARM Technology. 

Real-time monitoring and


Custom solutions and easy


Centralized drone

operations management.

Maximum data security.

Flight log, data and video storage

and management.

No vendor lock.

SWARMTech is a subdivision of AerialWayz™ specializes in SWARM Technology. The UgCS Command & Control solution enables a live preview of the situation not only to personnel in-field but for officers at the operation center, for more informed situation assessment, decision making. Informed management of first responder teams ensures efficient resolution of disaster situation saving lives.

Pilot onsite operates the drones.

Drones captures data.

Map view and video stream is transferred to the Command center.

Best for mobile operation centers. Provides software for team commander and drone pilots, deploy in a short time, secure.

Best for headquarters, command and monitoring centers. Extremely secure, powerful and reliable.

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