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Introducing: The Indoor Drone Light Show Experience.

Now You Can Offer Your Audience a True Indoor Drone Show.

What is the Indoor Drone Light Show Experience? Drone Light Shows have been around for a few years now, but the bar to entry into this industry is still very confusing for a lot of people and companies, including the cost, type of drones needed and offering an indoor drone light shows is a lot different than the outdoor shows. It requires a different type of platform and the drones are not using GPS. 

Currently some Outdoor Drone Light Shows can cost from $50K to well over $100K to hire the show, Indoor Drone Shows can also start at $8K and up, but there is so much opportunity out there for smaller and more affordable shows. That’s our goal, to be able to offer an affordable entry into the industry but keeping the very stringent training and certification process by attending the Drone Show Academy™.



AerialWayz can also work with potential clients including Event & Concert companies throughout the year to offer the same services.

Check out the indoor show video below using our partner drones at the latest China Has Talent Show. You can perform some outstanding performances.

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Introducing the New Indoor Drone Show Development Kit:

"RTF" (Ready to Fly - Out of the Box) Kit.

FyLo Kit

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