Welcome to AerialWayz Entertainment Industries

AerialWayz Festivals Partnerships - Pinnacle Festivals uses insight, innovation, analytics and technology to help event and festival planners uncover the deeper meaning in their events, concerts and festivals and provide greater impact to their audiences. We specialize in the emerging and exciting entertainment field of drone light shows. Our incredible and unrivaled Drone Light Show Experiences are designed to elevate your event to new and spectacular heights.

At Pinnacle Festivals we utilize data science analytics, crowd behavior science, project management and big data analytics to look at what's going on in an event's target population and use that information to guide programming decisions. This insight helps create events people want to attend.

We also help connect organizations to potential partners and sponsors to collaborate on efforts to bring events to fruition.


• The Autumn Lights Festival - 2015-2017

• The Spark-It Festival for the Homeless - 2017-present

• The International Women’s Day Festival - 2015-present

• Korean Culture Festival - 2015-present

• The West Oakland Jazz Festival - 2016-present

• Oakland First Fridays -2013-present

• Oakland on the Green - 2017-present

• Mountain Sounds Music and Arts Festival - 2017-present

In nearly 8 years we have created over 80 events with a combined total of over 3 million attendees.



We can support training services for:

  • Entertainment Agencies.

  • Event Planning Companies.

  • Production Companies.

  • Theme Parks of any size.

  • TV Production Companies.

  • Convention Service Shows.

  • Magic Shows.

To name just a few.

We have a number of approved locations for Swarm Drone Testing for both day and night operations. 

Video shows 20 drones being flight tested on a daytime flight test operation.

Learn how to develop unique Colored Smoke Drone Shows. 

Contact us today for more information: john@aerialwayz.com