Introducing: The Flying Pixel 450

Introducing the Plying Pixel 450™. It comes as a Drone Show as a Service™ platform and is a “Ready to Fly” (RTF) Light Show Drone. It is completely integrated into the Drone Show Software (DSS).

  • Multiple Colored LED lights already installed.

  • Full-color RGB LED bulb, 80W in extra high brightness.

  • Airframe: Foldable, carbon-fiber strengthened airframe

  • 3508/380KV brushless motors; 30A 6S ESCs; 12x5 foldable props

  • Small Body Design 0.95-2.5 kg armed weight, up to 1.5 kg payload.

  • Up to 26 min flight time.

  • Battery: DJI TB47S LiPo 6S, 22.2 V, 4500 mAh capacity

  • Dual data links for redundant communication.

  • RTK GPS enabling cm-level positioning precision.

Operators can purchase RTF Drone Kits in packs of 10, 20 and up.


The RTF Drone Kits are not leases, but full purchases. We offer full support services on all RTF Drone Kits.

The Plying Pixel 450 has extra bright LED lighting at Full-color RGB LED bulb, 80W. 

This is the Top of Line Show Drone!

The Flying Pixel 450 comes with Multiple Colored LED lights already installed. 


Full Color 80W RGB LED in high brightness to wow your audience and can be seen from miles away.

The Flying Pixel 450 comes completely foldable for easy carrying.

If you have multiple 450 show Drones, they can be easily stored in different cases for convenient carriage.

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