Are you an Event, Concert or Firework Show Provider?


Contact us today to see how we can add the wow factor to your shows. 

The next fleet of swarm drones lighting up the night sky won’t just wow and bedazzle spectators, it will push forward drone innovations that are changing our world of entertainment.


We can support training services for:

  • Entertainment Agencies.

  • Event Planning Companies.

  • Production Companies.

  • Theme Parks of any size.

  • TV Production Companies.

  • Convention Service Shows.

  • Magic Shows.

To name just a few.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss a Professional Drone Light Show whether it is an Indoor or Outdoor show. We have several licensed and certified FAA partners that can offer shows from 20 drones up to 3000 drones, for example one of our partners holds the Guinness World Record for a Drone Show Launch.

Our team will be more than happy to talk you through our offering and work with you to identify the best outdoor or indoor solution to suit your requirements.

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