AerialWayz™   --   Going Beyond Fireworks

AerialWayz & The Drone Show Academy are the USA & Caribbean partner for Dronisos. We manage and conduct all licensed partner training and certifications, support and equipment shipping.

We are proud to announce the First and Only Certified Drone Light Show Academy in the world for both Outdoor and Indoor shows! Attend our 5 & 7 day intensive, hands-on certified training programs.











AerialWayzholds a number of FAA waivers including:

FAA Part 107.29 Night Flight Operations.

FAA Part 107.39 Flying Over People & Moving Vehicles.

FAA Part 107.35 Multi-Drone Operations by a Single Operator.

Dronisos is a Pioneer in the Drone Light Show Industry for both Outdoor and Indoor shows. With over 11,000 shows conducted in over 16 countries. Dronisos also holds outdoor drone light show waivers in the following countries, France, Italy, Malaysia, Kuwait, Greece, & India. We know Drone Shows. Some of our clients include: Euro Disney/Marvel Studios, Netflix, Volvo, Renault Cars, to name a few.

We have the safest drone show solution.​ Our system is automated and can be integrate with show control system like Mediation or equivalent.​ We provide high standards of security which allow us  to design shows where artists and drones are brought together to create a unique magical experience between humans and machines.


When it's time to impress your audience, we will design with you the drone show of your dreams, and run it for you.


We always have a drone show for your budget, and it can be delivered anywhere in the world.